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Club Reports

Club Reports


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The Modern Square
is the ASSDF's publication, containing reports from the ASSDF Member square and round dance clubs and organizations across well as information on upcoming special dances. The ASSDF, and your fellow square and round dancers THANK YOU in advance for your support, and subscription.

One of the items in the publication reports, submitted by the Reporter from the various square and round dance clubs.

The reports are limited to 250 words in the print edition (I'll try to keep editing to a minimum, but they'll be published as is, in the e-Edition, and on this page, along with the month of submission, the Club Name, and the name of the Reporter. I would PREFER the report be emailed, as I can integrate it into the issue faster.

Note that if the report misses the deadline for the print edition, and the e-Edition, it will be posted here, with a note that ''it did not make the deadline''...which states that ''Club Reports must be on the Editors Desk by the 5th of the month, preceding the month of issue''. Since the printer has to have everything by the 10th of the month, preceding the month of issue, my goal, as Editor, is to have both the print edition, and the e-Edition out as soon as possible after the deadline.

The following reports are for the March, 2020 issue of The Modern Square. The reports are noted in the order received by the Editor. These are also available here. If no report was received, obviously none will be listed.

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Club Reports

Club: Maverick Mixers
Reporter: Daryl Stout

Since dancers like to eat, besides the duty square at a dance, and eating out afterwards, it was natural that our own Phil Moorehouse at a recent dance had 10 couples in ''Sicilian Squares''. Afterwards, our own Phil Moorehouse doing the ''Salty Dog Rag'' with Ted Hofmeister was a sight!! Our Jan. 25 dance also had callers Ron Wise and Gordon White, helping Phil Moorehouse out with tips. Gordon and Sue have done extensive traveling, even dancing in South America recently.

I'll report on our Valentines Dance, and our Sadie Hawkins Dance in our April report. In recovering from surgery in February, my dancing was limited for a bit. Yours truly now is both Reporter and Chaplain for the club. March birthdays include Jim Baxley, Carolyn Cullins, and Daryl Stout. Anniversaries include Jerry and Ginny Short.

We'll have a Subscription Dance on June 27, and are planning a special dance with the Twirling Lariats on August 1. Admission will be by donation, and proceeds will go toward work on the parking lot at the dance site. Then, our School Supplies Dance will be on August 8, and our 50's Dance on Sept. 26.

Thoughts and prayers to those suffering storm damage recently. Speaking of seasons, as they change, put a spring in your step each week, by square dancing. We've had visitors from Twirling Lariats, Blue Belles And Beaus, Star Steppers, and Levis and Lace, among're invited to join them and us on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturday, with a Plus Workshop at 7pm, then dancing at 7:30pm.

Club: Twirling Funtimers
Reporter: Paul Chernell

Our first special dance of the year will be March 11th, when we welcome back Phil Moorehouse for our ''Pi Pies'' dance. Not to be confused with National Pie day (January 23rd), National Pi day occurs on March 14th, and is a celebration of William Jones' mathematical discovery, in 1706, of that strange little symbol, (π), which we use to figure out the area of a Chocolate Cream Pie.

You can check our 2020 dance schedule on the SW Missouri Square Dance website, and check out our club's website, (with info on upcoming dances, cancellations, or surprise guest callers).

The Twirling Funtimers dance at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, located at 511 Coley Dr., in Mountain Home, AR. We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our squares very soon!

Club: Twirling Lariats
Reporter: Heidi Whitman

Greetings to all our friends in square dancing! We hope that you had a fun Christmas holiday season, and have entered the new decade with joy and peace.

Our club had a wonderful Christmas potluck and dance on December 20. Ted and Tonia prepared the ham, and everyone brought their best side dishes and desserts. Joey Duhamel did the calling to Christmas tunes, and we danced the night away.

We launched a new course of lessons on Monday, January 20, 7pm to 9pm, with a mid-winter hamburger cookout!! Phil Moorehouse did a fabulous job of leading all, old and new, in the joy of dancing together. We all enjoyed the wonderful food and fellowship, meeting new people from the community, and strengthening old friendships as well. Ten prospective students attended, along with four returning students, and hopefully, several of them will complete the course by the end of April.

We held our Valentine's Dance on February 7. Connie Backstrom and Sheena Garner were the coordinators. I'll have a report and photos in the April edition.

Keep swinging your partner!!

Club: Bluebird Squares
Reporter: Carolyn Birdsong

The Ides of March are upon us! It's a very exciting time of year with planting season so close!

Our Chili Supper and Dance went very well! We had a great crowd! The food was very good and I'd like to think, so was the dance! But we had fun and laughed a lot and that's what it's all about!

Our lessons are going well. I'm excited and humbled that I have eight students. Some have never square danced before. I feel a great responsibility that I am teaching people how to square dance. We are moving the lessons to Sunday afternoon. I greatly appreciate the wonderful Angels coming out to help too!

I will talk about our Valentine Dance Feb 15 in the April Modern Square. Going to be all mushy love songs!

If you don't already have your Bluebird houses up by now, be sure and put them up ASAP! At least 6 feet high, facing south and a clearing. No perch is needed. A raccoon baffle is very important!

We will dance the 21st this month. No sit down supper but always good snacks! 7:00 to 9:00 at the Saline County Fairground in Benton, and it's on the service road next to Interstate 30. You can even see the building from the highway. Please do not hesitate to call me (501-813-7239) if you have any problem finding the place. When you are coming down the service road, just past the road on the left, a iron fence starts. Something like 20 yards, you'll see a driveway, turn there. Just go in and go to the far right. It's the first building (grayish) on the right.

I am so thankful for the people that have come to the Bluebird Squares and support me in my endeavors to become a caller! I'm a work in progress for sure and still do mostly singing calls, but the lessons are helping me to be a little more comfortable with patter! Even though I still have to call a Fire Drill sometimes, I am actually able to fix a few on my own! Lol!

Ya'll come on over and dance and laugh with us! We are a no-stress square dance club!

Club: Swingin' Cavaliers
Reporter: Anita Vandergriff

Well January went by fast. February brought us to the last month of lessons and everyone is doing well. Planned on graduating this month, but due to some surgeries will do early March.

This was a hard month from the loss of 2 cherished friends. Bob Neidecker, who always called a tip when he came, and who was famous for ''5 Pounds of Possum'' and ''Here Rattler Here''. He could bring down the house in laughter when he did those. He was also known as the Yellow Rock Kid! Our hearts go out to his wife Debbie and family. We also lost Harold Hayes, who danced with us off and on with his wife Jeane. He was always smiling and lifting us up. Thinking of her too. They will be sorely missed.

But there was a nice thought for the month. Both Ron and I each called a lesson dance for a supper club, and 2 squares were able to fly thru a singing call both nights. All had fun and said they enjoyed Square Dance so maybe there will be new dancers seeking to learn!

Club: Levis And Lace
Reporter: Phyllis Keeney

I hope all of you are well.

Lessons are going good. Our angels are turning out, which helps so much! Thank you!! Gene is an awesome teacher.

We had a great turnout for our Chili Winter Night Dance. We had enough to have probably 7 squares, but some of those were our invited students, who came to eat with us, and get the ''feel'' of a special dance. The food was great. So many different chilis, but all delicious. And, the desserts were delicious, too. Our ladies and men and cook!! A picture is in the e-Edition.

We're having our Maypole Dance this year, too. I'll keep you posted.

We're dancing at St. Vincent's CHI Hospital the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Fridays. We have workshop at 7pm, followed by dancing at 7:30pm. Please come, we love our visitors!

Club: Jubilee Squares
Reporter: Lura Wade

I'll have a report on our Feb. 22, 2020 Mardi Gras Dance, with Joey Duhamel calling, in the April issue. If you get this early, we hope you'll join us.

Club: Blue Belles And Beaus
Reporter: Mary Craig

Blue Belles and Beaus has returned home; once again we are dancing at the Judsonia Community Center. Rocky Point Baptist Church has lovingly provided our club with the use of their new Community Activity Center while Judsonia’s Center was being renovated. Rocky Point spoiled us a bit with the use of their kitchen and a separate room for teacup auctions. We are most grateful for the church’s generosity.

Judsonia’s Community Center is not completed, and yet in our first two club dances, there we have had visitors from around the state, and as far away as west coast states. A snow bird from Alaska even dropped in for a good time. A special shout out goes to our friends in Batesville. Every member of their club has visited our new old dance hall.

January 30 was our first ''Open Caller Night''. Those brave enough to try out calling a tip, or even half a tip, had the chance to take up the mic that night. One brave caller was from Washington state. It was an opportunity for dancers in the future to say, ''I was there when he/she called his/her first dance''. The night was such a hit, the club has decided to make every 5th Thursday Open Caller Night, with the next one on April 30. All who have wondered what it'd be like to call, to come join us on our 5th Thursdays to find out. Those who just want to dance are warmly invited to join us on the first and third Thursday of each month. Along with our nationally recognized Caller, there are almost always 1 or 2 visiting callers.

Now that we're back on the main drag of old downtown Judsonia, it's easy to find us. Take US 67/167 to Judsonia (Exit 48), turn east off the exit ramp, continuing east on CW Road. Once cleared by the traffic light at the old highway intersection, continue east. At the next intersection, turn left onto the main drag of the old town. After passing through the old section, sporting the oldest open pool hall in the state; the Community Center will be on your right. There's a Veterans Memorial on the front lawn, and it's next to the library, across the street from the First Baptist Church. See you in a square soon!

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