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The ASSDF has a yearly fall festival dance in a different Arkansas city, usually around the second weekend of October, which is usually on Columbus Day Weekend. There is a Trail-In Dance on Thursday night...then the Friday night dance features a National Caller for the Square Dancing...and Arkansas Cuers for the Round Dancing. Saturday activities feature fun dances, workshops, the ASSDF Delegates Meeting at 9am Saturday morning, plus the afternoon and evening dancing to Arkansas' Callers And Cuers. There will also be door prizes, plus a Teacup Auction, and a Silent possibly Split The Pot, at the weekend. Jim and Nancy Finney, plus Ted and Phyllis Keeney, are the Co-Chairs for the weekend, which will have a Circus Theme -- entitled Caddo Carnival. Juanice Chitwood is in charge of the decorations.

All clubs are requested to provide Gift Baskets for the dance, which will be auctioned off, with a minimum bid that they place on it. There will be also be a nice quilt, donated by Treasurers Dan and Theresa Holley, to be given away in a drawing on Saturday night.

NOTE THAT ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT THE DANCE the Gift Baskets or otherwise...and the ''Bar'' inside Betty's Big Country Dance Hall will be CLOSED during the duration of the Festival. This is because having alcoholic beverages at a square or round dance or festival, is in VIOLATION of the ASSDF By-Laws. Square and Round Dancing are designed as HOLSUM, FAMILY ACTIVITIES, and it is the DUTY of all dancers to see that it REMAINS THAT WAY.

Note that Proper Square Dance Attire is REQUIRED at the evening dances (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings)...although casual attire is OK for the Friday and Saturday daytime dances, and dance level workshops. Note that depending on participation, there may or may not be vendors at the weekend...although there is a possibility that a shoe vendor from Memphis will be there...please contact Presidents Royce and Cathy Beesly here, with your comments. The ASSDF would make 15% of the profit from the sales.

Of special note, there will be an ''all male fashion show, with female judges'' (take that for what it's worth...Caller Phil Moorehouse is heading this up!! ).

Plus, dancers will be able to sell square dance clothes, with 15% of the profit going to the ASSDF, and the club keeping the remaining 85%. There will also be a photographer at the dance, and he will provide photos for a nominal fee.

It's worth noting that ''While visitors will be able to watch the dance at no charge, the moment they step on the dance floor to dance, they become dancers...and will be expected to pay the at door registration fee (for Friday and Saturday), and, if they attend the Thursday night Trail-In Dance, a separate fee (payable at the door). If not, they will be asked to leave the dance floor, and the premises''.

Also, whether you dance for part or all of the weekend (Thursday night, Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening...either individually (one day or evening), or all 3 days, you will be REQUIRED to pay the fees for the Trail-In Dance, Friday, and/or Saturday...the exact fee depending on which ones you attend.

There is ''no reduced fee'' for those who only make it for one evening session. Many festivals outside of Arkansas charge a much higher rate for a similar dance festival weekend schedule (no partial sessions). As an example, the registration fee for the National Square Dance Convention is well over $50 per person, with the registration fee for the Single Square Dancers USA Labor Day Dance A-Rama now around $50 per person (whether you attend 1 night, or the entire festival (this obviously doesn't include costs for transportation, lodging, and food)). Plus, with an increased cost for the hall this year, the ASSDF has to charge one fee for all sessions.

The bottom line is, that it's NOT fair to those dancers who have PAID THE FEE, and yet, someone is ''dancing for free'', or paying the full fee, and someone is dancing for a lesser amount...and, last but not least, because of liability and insurance issues.

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2018 Fall Festival Overview

The 2018 Fall Festival will be Thursday night through Saturday, October 11, 12, and 13, 2018...and once again be held at Betty's Big Country Dance Hall, located at 102 Crystal Palace Drive, in Caddo Valley, Arkansas...just south of Interstate 30 at Exit 78, north of Arkadelphia, Arkansas. There will be a Trail-End Dance on Thursday evening, October 11, 2018 (separate admission, payable at the door)...hosted by the Levis And Lace. The callers will be ''The Three Amigos''...Gene Gancarzyk, Phil Moorehouse, and Joey Duhamel. National Caller Justin Russell will call the Friday night dance, with Saturday dancing by Arkansas' Callers And Cuers. Arkansas Caller/Cuer Jay King will also cue the round dancing during the weekend.

Links to printable fliers for both, in Adobe PDF Format, are located here. The Fall Festival Delegates Meeting will be at 9am Saturday, October 13, at Betty's Big Country Dance Hall (this was CHANGED from the original location). Exact event times for the weekend will be posted as soon as possible.

Of note, we still need a club and location to host the 2019 ASSDF Fall Festival...this will be discussed and voted on at the Delegates Meeting on Saturday morning. With the declining number of clubs in Arkansas, there is the unfortunate possibility that the 70th year of the ASSDF may NOT have a Fall Festival... or even be in existence...if people doesn't ''step up to the plate'', as it were.

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2018 Fall Festival Fliers

For a printable flier for the Trail-In Dance (Thursday night, October 11, 2018), click here. For a printable flier of the Festival (Friday and Saturday, October 12 and 13, 2018), click here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file(s).

The original design for the Trail-In Dance was done by Ginny Short, with ''cleaning up'', and conversion to PDF format by Webmaster Daryl Stout. An updated Fall Festival flier was obtained from Editors Wayne And Lura Wade, and from the ASSDF Facebook Page, and it replaces the previous flier. Please feel free to download, print, and distribute these at your dances.

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2018 Fall Festival Meeting

The 2018 Fall Festival Delegates Meeting will be held at 9am on Saturday, October 13, at Betty's Big Country Dance Hall (this is a CHANGE from the earlier location that was listed). For more details on the meeting, click here. For more details on the lodging for the Festival, click here.

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2018 Fall Festival Area Restaurants

There are several restaurants in the Caddo Valley Area for your dining pleasure, including the following (all according to Google Earth) -- website links are provided, where available. Note that cuisines/menus, and prices (from economy to pricey) will vary by location:

Wendys, Taco Bell, Waffle House, Fat Boys BBQ, The Mirage Sports Bar And Grill, TaMolly's Mexican Restaurant, Cracker Barrel, McDonald's, Subway, and up Highway 7 toward Lake DeGray State Park, is The Fish Net. There will be lunch and dinner breaks during the day Friday and Saturday.

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2018 Fall Festival Lodging

Since the weekend of the Fall Festival is usually during Columbus Day Weekend, that is also, more often than not, HOMECOMING WEEKEND for the nearby colleges of Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University. So, you're STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to make room reservations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You'll likely be REQUIRED to guarantee your room with a credit or debit card. Also, since it's now less than 2 months to the festival, the special discount prices have ended, and you will have to pay a higher price...possibly similar to what's at Hotels.Com -- and if you book through Hotels.Com, they WILL charge your card immediately!! From what I understand, the HOMECOMING WEEKENDS for 2018 will be the weeks BEFORE AND AFTER the 2018 ASSDF Fall Festival...but that's obviously NOT the case every year.

Further information on hotels in the area (with pricing) is located at, but I've provided links of the individual hotels here, along with their address and phone numbers, for your convenience, should you wish to check the various amenities. Prices on their websites may be higher than at The less expensive lodging names are noted below with an asterisk (*). The possibly higher priced lodging is noted with a dollar sign ($). Please note the hotels policies on pets, smoking, etc. Most (if not all) hotels are NO SMOKING, and will either charge a fee for pets, or not allow them at all. Parking wise, do NOT park in a Handicapped Space without the appropriate license plate or hang tag...or you could be ticketed and have your car towed.

Also, it is wise to check the room (bedding, etc.) for the presence of bed bugs before you get settled in. Getting rid of them is an expensive process, and an extreme put it mildly.

* Quality Inn, 136 Valley Street (870) 246-5592

$ Holiday Inn Express, 7 Frost Road (870) 403-0880

* Econo Lodge, 150 Valley Street (870) 464-1570

$ Hampton Inn, 108 Malvern Road (870) 403-0800

* Motel 6 106 Crystal Palace Drive (870) 246-6333

* America's Best Value, 141 Valley Street (870) 246-5855

* Days Inn, 137 Valley Drive (870) 246-3031

* Super 8, 118 Valley Street (870) 246-8585

* Comfort Inn, 100 Crystal Palace (870) 246-3800 (this is the Host Hotel)

Also, due to extensive late winter and early spring flooding in 2018, at Lake Degray State Park, DeRoche Ridge is CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. However, all of the other facilities at DeGray State Park are OPEN. For up to date information, please call the park directly at (501) 865-5801, or check the website. This is current as of Aug. 11, 2018. Note that if another several weeks of heavy rainfall and flooding occur, this is likely to change again.

As a side note, some points of interest, hotels, and other information are located here -- locations are relative to the Arkadelphia Amtrak Station. The station is located several miles south of Interstate 30.

Also nearby are the Caddo Valley Flea Market, and Caddo Valley River Canoeing...with the Crater Of Diamonds State Park 45 minutes away in Murfreesboro...where you can hunt for, and KEEP any diamonds that you's the only place of its kind in the world.

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2018 Fall Festival Directions And Weather

Betty's Big Country Dance Hall, which has a hardwood floor, is located just south of Interstate 30 at Exit 78, north of Arkadelphia, Arkansas. You can drive there, but be aware of road construction, etc. Details on this can be found at the IDriveArkansas.Com website.

There is a small airport southwest of the Arkadelphia Amtrak Station, but it's likely for private planes only. The closest airports are at Little Rock, and at Texarkana...airlines and flights may vary. Please allow extra time for checkin with your airline, and at the TSA Security Checkpoint.

Arkadelphia is served by Amtrak's Texas Eagle passenger train. However, as noted here, the station does NOT offer ticketing, or checked baggage. The closest Amtrak Stations with full service...including ticketing and checked baggage are at Little Rock, Arkansas, and at Longview, Texas. Due to low passenger boardings, there is no longer any station agent, ticketing, or checked baggage at Texarkana. Plus, stations at Malvern, Arkansas plus Hope, well as at Marshall, Texas are just like Arkadelphia, Arkansas...with NO TICKETING OR CHECKED BAGGAGE SERVICE. While this may be noted differently in the timetables, this is from the Station Advisories section from the Service Alerts And Notices section on the Amtrak Website.

Schedule wise, IF The Texas Eagle is ON TIME, the train arrives southbound daily at 4:20am, from Malvern, Little Rock, and Walnut Ridge, Arkansas...Poplar Bluff and Saint Louis, Alton, Springfield, Bloomington/Normal, Joliet, and Chicago, Illinois...along with other intermediate stops. The train arrives northbound at 10:02pm from Hope, and Texarkana, Arkansas...and from Marshall, Longview, Mineola, Dallas, Fort Worth, Cleburne, McGregor, Temple, Taylor, Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio, Texas, along with other intermediate stops. A printable schedule for The Texas Eagle, in PDF format, is located here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file. Full schedules, reservations (which are required for travel), and other information can be found on the Amtrak Website, or by calling 1-800-872-7245 -- (1-800-USA-RAIL). The lines are open 24 hours a day. You can book up to 11 months in advance of departure. Note that cancellation and refund policies do Amtrak for details.

Weather wise, Caddo Valley is between Arkadelphia, and Lake DeGray State Park, at Bismarck, Arkansas. Caddo Valley is in Clark County, while Lake DeGray State Park is in Hot Spring County (not to be confused with the city of Hot Springs, which is in Garland County).

For weather conditions for Caddo Valley, from the National Weather Service in Little Rock, Arkansas, click here.

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2018 Fall Festival Program Book

There will be a Program Book for the ASSDF Fall Festival, listing the ASSDF Officers, and information on the schedule for the dancing for Thursday evening, Friday afternoon and evening, and all activities on Saturday (morning, afternoon, and evening)...including the dancing, the Delegates Meeting, and the breaks for lunch and dinner, which will be on Friday afternoon (between the morning and afternoon dancing, if there is dancing Friday morning), Friday evening (between the afternoon activities and evening dancing), and Saturday afternoon (after the Saturday morning dancing) and evening (after the Saturday afternoon and before the Saturday evening dancing). Numerous restaurants are nearby, noted here.

Prices for the ads are as follows:

Full Page Ad: $35 for ASSDF members, $40 for non-ASSDF Members

Half Page Ad: $20 for ASSDF members, $25 for non-ASSDF Members

Quarter Page Ad: $15 for ASSDF members, $20 for non-ASSDF Members

Booster Ads: $10 for either ASSDF or non-ASSDF members.

Send the ad copy to Phyllis Keeney, 1807 Nubbin Ridge Road, Royal, AR 71968. Send your check for the ad, payable to ASSDF, to Theresa Holley, 390 Woodvine Trail, Higden, AR 72067. Your ad will NOT be published until payment is received.

Note that as an INCENTIVE to purchase ads, those who do will receive FREE ADVERTISING on the ASSDF Website, detailing their information for their business, ad, etc. from just after the Fall Festival (posted on the website in mid-October), through September of the following year.

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2018 Fall Festival Registration

Registration is $20 per person for the time frame including Friday afternoon and evening, plus the Saturday daytime and evening dances (no partial sessions). A separate admission fee is required for the Thursday night Trail-In Dance, which is payable at the door. As noted above, many dance festivals outside of Arkansas charge higher prices for dance weekends for the same time frame. Plus, with a higher hall rent this year, the ASSDF has no choice but to charge the one fee of $20 per dancer.

A flier with a registration form, is located here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file.

If you are unable to print the file, please send your name(s), address, city, state, zip code, phone number (and email address if applicable) your check or money order, payable to ASSDF (please do NOT send cash), for $20 per dancer, to Theresa Holley, 390 Woodvine Trail, Higden, Arkansas 72067. There is an ''early registration drawing'', in that dancers who register by a deadline (to be announced); if their name is drawn at the dance on Saturday evening, their registration fee will be refunded. It is likely that the ASSDF Officers will be INELIGIBLE for this drawing.

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