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The ASSDF has a yearly fall festival dance in a different Arkansas city, usually around the second weekend of October, which is usually on Columbus Day Weekend. There is a Trail-In Dance on Thursday night...then the Friday night dance features a National Caller for the Square Dancing...and Arkansas Cuers for the Round Dancing. Saturday activities feature fun dances, workshops, the ASSDF Delegates Meeting at 9am Saturday morning, plus the afternoon and evening dancing to Arkansas' Callers And Cuers. There will also be door prizes, plus a Teacup Auction, and a Silent possibly Split The Pot, at the weekend. All clubs are requested to provide Gift Baskets for the dance, which will be auctioned off, with a minimum bid that they place on it.

As a side note, it appears that the 2019 Fall Festival may be the last one with a National Caller doing every tip on Friday night. A different format may be in the works for the 2020 Fall Festival...details on this will be posted as soon as possible.

NOTE THAT ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT THE DANCE the Gift Baskets or otherwise. This is because having alcoholic beverages at a square or round dance or festival, is in VIOLATION of the ASSDF By-Laws. Square and Round Dancing are designed as HOLSUM, FAMILY ACTIVITIES, and it is the DUTY of all dancers to see that it REMAINS THAT WAY.

Note that Proper Square Dance Attire is REQUIRED at the evening dances (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings)...although casual attire is OK for the Friday and Saturday daytime dances, and daytime dance level workshops. Note that depending on participation, there may or may not be vendors at the weekend...and there may or may not be a Fashion Show.

It's worth noting that ''While visitors can watch the dance at no charge, the moment they step on the dance floor to dance, they become dancers...and will be expected to pay the at door registration fee (for Friday and Saturday), and, if they attend the Thursday night Trail-In Dance, a separate fee (payable at the door). If not, they will be asked to leave the dance floor, and the premises''.

Also, whether you dance for part or all of the weekend (Thursday night, Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening...either individually (one day or evening), or all 3 days, you will be REQUIRED to pay the fees for the Trail-In Dance, Friday, and/or Saturday...the exact fee depending on which ones you attend.

There is currently ''no reduced fee'' for those who only make it for one evening session. Many festivals outside of Arkansas charge a much higher rate for a similar dance festival weekend schedule (no partial sessions). As an example, the registration fee for the National Square Dance Convention is well over $50 per person, with the registration fee for the Single Square Dancers USA Labor Day Dance A-Rama now around $50 per person...and these go up around a month prior to the event. The cost is whether you attend 1 night, or the entire festival (this obviously doesn't include costs for transportation, lodging, and food)). The ASSDF Executive Board may vote on a change to that in the coming months.

The bottom line is, that it's NOT fair to those dancers who have PAID THE FEE, and yet, someone is ''dancing for free'', or paying the full fee, and someone is dancing for a lesser amount...and, last but not least, because of liability and insurance issues.

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2018 Fall Festival Wrapup

The 2018 Fall Festival was held October 11 through 13, 2018, at Betty's Big Country Dance Hall, in Caddo Valley. The Three Amigos (Gene Gancarczyk, Joey Duhamel, and Phil Moorehouse) did the Thursday night Trail-In Dance...National Caller Justin Russell did the Friday night dance...with the rest of the dancing done by Arkansas' Callers And Cuers. Plus, Arkansas Caller/Cuer Jay King cued the round dancing during the weekend...and Martha Wyre did the Line Dancing.

There was also an All Male Fashion Show on Oct. 13, with female judges...from a script I saw, it was to be bizarre, to say the least!! Caller Phil Moorehouse headed up the show, which turned out to be great entertainment to a fun weekend. I understand that videos from it will be posted on Facebook, and links to such will be posted here as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to family medical issues, yours truly (the webmaster) was not able to stay for the festival...but was only at the Delegates Meeting on Saturday morning.

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2019 Fall Festival Overview

At the Delegates Meeting on Oct. 13, 2018...there was only one bid for the 2019 Fall Festival. The Heber Springers (and possibly one other club) will host the 70th ASSDF Fall Festival in Clinton, Arkansas, Oct. 10-12, 2019. National Caller Hunter Keller will call the Friday night dance, with Arkansas' Callers And Cuers doing the rest of the square and round dancing.

More details, including fliers/registration information on restaurants, lodging, etc. will be posted as soon as possible. There are several hotels in the area, and there is a Wal-Mart there for ones shopping needs.

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2019 Fall Festival Directions And Weather

Clinton, Arkansas is in Van Buren, County...along US Highway 65, between Conway, and Harrison, Arkansas. Conway, Arkansas is about 30 miles northwest of Little Rock on Interstate 40. You can continue north on Highway 65 past Harrison to get to Branson, Missouri, where there is a large amount of entertainment to be had.

For weather conditions for Clinton, Arkansas...from the National Weather Service in Little Rock, Arkansas, click here.

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2019 Fall Festival Program Book

Those who purchase an ad in the Fall Festival Program Book will receive FREE ADVERTISING on the ASSDF Website, detailing their information for their business, ad, etc. from just after the Fall Festival (posted on the website in mid-October), through September of the following year. A list of those who supported the 2018 Fall Festival are located here.

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2019 Fall Festival Registration

Information on registration for the 2019 Fall Festival will be posted as soon as possible.

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