Square Dance Poem
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Square Dance Poem

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The following was from the November, 1997 issue of The Modern Square, Arkansas' square and round dance publication of the ASSDF. The original author is unknown...but this was reprinted from USDA News, the newsletter of the United Square Dancers Of America. It is entitled simply ''Square Dance''.

Gather up four couples...face them in a square.
Then listen to the caller...who will move you here to there.

Four hands around and Grand Square...Make a Right Hand Star.
Yellowrock, Promenade...What's an Allemande Thar??

What's it mean to Wheel and Deal...Or do a Do-Si-Do;
Bend The Line, or Load The Boat...Which way am I to go??

Flutterwheel, Ferris Wheel, Do the Tea Cup Chain;
Spin The Top, Box The Gnat, These all sound insane!!

I'm just a humble beginner...These terms are all brand new.
Will I ever get to know, How to do a Spin Chain Through??

They say it will get easier...On that I must depend;
Meanwhile, I'll keep trying...And enjoy my new found friends.

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