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Club Reports

Club Reports


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The Modern Square
is the ASSDF's publication, containing reports from the ASSDF Member square and round dance clubs and organizations across well as information on upcoming special dances. The ASSDF, and your fellow square and round dancers THANK YOU in advance for your support, and subscription.

One of the items in the publication reports, submitted by the Reporter from the various square and round dance clubs.

The reports are limited to 250 words in the print edition (I'll try to keep editing to a minimum, but they'll be published as is, in the e-Edition, and on this page, along with the month of submission, the Club Name, and the name of the Reporter. I would PREFER the report be emailed, as I can integrate it into the issue faster.

Note that if the report misses the deadline for the print edition, and the e-Edition, it will be posted here, with a note that ''it did not make the deadline''...which states that ''Club Reports must be on the Editors Desk by the 14th of the month, preceding the month of issue''. Since the printer has to have everything by the 15th of the month, preceding the month of issue, my goal, as Editor, is to have both the print edition, and the e-Edition out as soon as possible after the deadline.

The following reports are for the January, 2021 issue of The Modern Square. The reports are noted in the order received by the Editor. These are also available here. If no report was received, obviously none will be listed.

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Club Reports

Club: Maverick Mixers
Reporter: Daryl Stout

Joey Duhamel guest called for our own Phil Moorehouse at our Christmas Dance, as Phil wasn’t available that night. At the dance, we had 10 dancers of members and visitors...including yours truly, as well as Jerry and Ginny Short, Amika Becker, Carol Souza, Stan Stander, Lee Conner, Ted and Tonia Hofmeister, and Alana Clegg. It was my first dancing since spring, and I was stiff as a board...but, everyone had a good time. Several pictures are in the e-Edition.

Several members took up donations for Jim and Nancy Finney, as Jim continues dealing with medical issues. Our thoughts and prayers continue for Jim and Nancy.

Member and Visitor Birthday yellowrocks for January go to Amika Becker. My apologies for those I may have missed.

While several members were hoping to go to Eureka Springs for the Jan. 2 dance with The Three Amigos, with snow and icy roads having occurred across northwest Arkansas as I prepared this report, I can't say if the dance went on as scheduled; but I hope to have a report in the February, 2021 issue. We extend get well wishes to Carolyn Gancarczyk, Gene’s she recovers from sustaining a broken ankle recently.

The new year, 2021, will be happy if we can get some good news in regards to COVID-19. In line with this, we’re going to dance on the 2nd and 4th Saturday only (no dancing on the 5th Saturday). Please go to our Facebook page for the latest updates. At the dances, temperatures will be taken, masks will be required, and hand sanitizer will be available, but there won’t be a duty square.

Club: Swingin' Cavaliers
Reporter: Anita Vandergriff

I can't believe another year has come and gone, and most of it without dancing. That would be bad enough, but I think I’ve replaced exercise with eating those evenings, and no way to work it off!

We were blessed to have three couples meet, and get married last year. JW and Clyda were even hoping to have a Square Dance at the wedding celebration, but that wasn't possible.

Hoping Covid-19 will run its course, and back off in the New Year, so we can resume our joyful evenings with friends again. We’ll still be Dark until it's safe; but really missing everyone, and hoping all stay safe and healthy.

Club: Levi's And Lace
Reporter: Phyllis Keeney

Merry Christmas to everyone. I'm sorry I haven't contributed in a while, but I haven't had a computer or working phone. Plus, not much news.

We are not dancing because we do not have a place to dance, and probably won't for a long time, if ever, because of Covid-19. We may dance in the Little Red Barn in the future, though.

Carolyn Gancarczyk is on the mend after breaking her ankle. She is slowly getting better. Gene has learned to cook, and do the shopping. We are proud of him. Proud of her, too. She still has that contagious laugh. Can't keep her down.

Jim Finney is still having chemo, but is doing so much better than we thought. That's not to say it's not really tough on him, but he’s coping well. Both he and Nancy are a great team. I think they are both worn out, though.

Love to all. We miss dancing with everyone. I try to stay safe, because I have Mom and Chris to take care of. They keep me very busy.

I fell off a log while hiking with the girls. (Leaned on a tree for support -- bad news…it was dead). It’s painfully possible to keep going with hurt ribs, but not with Covid-19; plus I'd be exposing others. I’ll be glad when this gets better, if ever. But this is reality for now.

We pray for all our square dance family. Please stay well.

Club: Heber Springers
Reporter: Jeanne Winningham

There's a new slate of officers for the Heber Springers. Jeanne Winningham and Jo Workman are Co-Presidents...Helen Jensen is Vice President...Rhonda Sullivan is Secretary... Wilma Sanders and Theresa Tubbs are Co-Treasurers, and Phil Moorehouse as caller.

Phil was unavailable for the clubs Christmas Dance...but Roy Hestand, Jr., caller for the Pioneers and Ozark Promenaders, joined Carolyn Birdsong, caller for the Bluebird Squares, to call the dance. Pictures from it are in the e-Edition.

Club: Bluebird Squares
Reporter: Carolyn Birdsong

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and allow me to be the first to say – HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021? Glad we can say bye-bye to 2020! With the vaccine being available, I hope it's just a matter of time that the virus will be nothing more than a bad memory, and we’ll get back to our normal lives!

We had 17 eat, and 18 dance, at our Thanksgiving Gobble And Dance. The food was really good, thanks to Tommy Ward! I cooked the turkey and gravy, but he made the cranberry jalapeno dip, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, candied yams, rolls, and creamy pumpkin pie -- all from scratch! Thanks to Theresa Tubbs for her fabulous cherry pie! We hardly had any leftovers, much to my chagrin. A good time was had by all!

(Apologies to Carolyn Birdsong for not noting her ''banana tree babies'' in last month’s report -- I do all my gardening at Kroger!! DS).

We’re having our 4th annual Christmas dance, December 19th, 7pm to 9pm at the Saline County Fairgrounds. Santa Claus and his elf (Phil Moorehouse and Moi) will be the callers for the evening. Each dancer will receive a surprise! We'll have a good time! Please RSVP to me if you are interested in coming.

Phil could not make it to the Heber Springers' Christmas Dance And Potluck December 11th. I was planning to go anyway; and Roy Hestand and I ended up calling the dance. The food was awesome, and then we got to work it off! That's really the best way to square dance, isn't it? Lol! We celebrated Mick and Gloria Watts’ birthdays on the same day! It's always good to see all the people up there!

Bluebird Squares first dance of 2021 will be January 16th, 7pm to 9pm.

I'm looking forward to the Three Amigo Dance January 2, 2021 in Eureka Springs. Have you made your hotel reservations yet?

I will continue taking temperatures, and have plenty of hand sanitizer. If you want to wear a mask while you're dancing, that is ok, some do. Again, if you feel uncomfortable being around people, or have a fever or a cough, can't taste or smell your wine, please don't come!

Hope ya'll come over and laugh and dance with us!

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