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ASSDF 2020 Officers


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The slate of newly elected officers is posted as soon as possible after the ASSDF Fall Festival, in the print edition and e-Edition of Modern Square...and is also entered on the original ASSDF Website, and the new ASSDF website. The exceptions are if there is a change in officers during the year.

In a Letter From The Editor from past issues of The Modern Square, many of these dancers noted below have REPEATEDLY SERVED...some in one way or another for over 30 years...because it has been very difficult to find people wanting to serve as an officer. That is the reason that some of the ASSDF Officers look much like the ones from the year's because, in most cases, THEY ARE!!

Also, there may be times that due to other circumstances, where officers have to resign their position early, are replaced for various reasons, are limited by Term Limits in the by-laws, or they don't want to serve again...and as a result, they can't serve another term. So, just because a position is currently filled, it does NOT necessarily mean that the individual currently serving in that officers position will still want to, or be able to serve again in the coming year.

Sadly, it's as if no one else wants to ''step up to the plate'' to serve...and ''those who complain how things are done should be the FIRST IN LINE to run for an officers position!!''. In most organizations and hobbies, it's basically 1% of the people doing 99% of the work.

Many of these dancers have had to cut down their dancing involvement...both on and off the square dance floor...if not quit the hobby altogether...because of health issues...including yours truly (who, as of January, 2020, is the Editor, Webmaster, and Circulation Chairman for the ASSDF). It doesn't cost anything but a trip to meetings that are scheduled every so often...and the price of the pleasures of the dance are paid by those who take responsibility. So, please consider giving back to this wonderful hobby...if you'd like to volunteer to serve, please contact one of the Executive Board Officers noted below.

In short, while there are other things in life besides square and round is up to the dancer to keep the hobby can't do it on its own. But, if we can't get individuals to serve, then there's no need to keep the ASSDF in existence. In other words, ''if we can't get the workers, there's no need for the bees.'' This was one reason for the change in the ASSDF Bylaws.

Those who think that ''the work will magically get done'' at events (whether for their club, organization, or otherwise), and all they have to do is show up for the dance, then leave when they feel like it...are in for a rude awakening. These are the takers instead of the givers, and they are part of the reason that this (and most other hobbies), are dying.

Also, there may be times, where circumstances beyond a dancers control force them to resign a previously elected or appointed officers position...or in the case of ''not doing their job'', they may be terminated from their position by the remainder of the ASSDF Officers. In this case, replacements are put in place as soon as possible.

With the ASSDF Bylaws change that were approved at the 2016 Fall Festival, the listing on this page has been CHANGED as well. Job Descriptions of the various positions are in the Standing Rules. You will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view/print the file(s). Note that if you are on dial-up or DSL internet, it will take some time to download the files.

As a side note, for the ASSDF OFFICERS (Elected Or Appointed) ONLY, I will prepare, upon request, print up business cards, like the one noted below, just above the list of officers. They will need to contact me with what they want on them (it usually will be taken from The Modern Square, and/or this page, and how many they want. These are done FREE OF CHARGE, as a DONATION to the ASSDF.

Lastly, to prevent spamming, I have removed email addresses from the websites. Those wanting such can contact the individual in question...then that officer can decide whether to give out their email address. While my contact information is on the new ASSDF Website, I can set up filters if spamming becomes an issue.


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ASSDF 2020 Officers

These are the 2020 OFFICERS for the ASSDF. Those on the Executive Board are noted by an asterisk * prior to their listing. Those without an asterisk are on the ASSDF Operations Committee, and are appointed by the ASSDF President.

At the 2020 Board And Delegates Meetings, held via Zoom, it was voted on that the current slate of officers, noted below, will serve through 2021.

* President: Ted and Tonia Hofmeister, 1126 Lawrence Lane, Benton, AR 72019 (501) 912-3015

* Vice President: Mike and Jeanne Winningham, 116 Liles Drive, Searcy, AR 72143 (805) 616-1528

* Secretary: Carroll and Terry Casey, 17 Red Bud Drive, Batesville, AR 72501 (870) 793-5713

* Treasurer: Rick and Sheila Gesing, 9760 Grant 7, Sheridan, AR 72150 (870) 942-2273


* Editor: Daryl Stout, P.O. Box 55655, Little Rock, AR 72215 (501) 690-8325

* Caller Advisor: Phil Moorehouse, 4660 Stagecoach Road, Redfield, AR 72132 (501) 960-4476


* Past President: Royce and Cathy Beesley, 4850 Highway 14 East, Newport, AR 72112-8539 (870) 503-2674 or (870) 217-2332

Insurance Chairman: Sheila Gesing, 9760 Grant 7, Sheridan, AR 72150 (870) 942-2273

Social Media/Webmaster: Daryl Stout, P.O. Box 55655, Little Rock, AR 72215 (501) 690-8325

Circulation Chairman: Daryl Stout, P.O. Box 55655, Little Rock, AR 72215 (501) 690-8325


Publicity and Advertising: Art Ritter, 1213 Oak Acres Drive, Bryant, AR 72019-6840 (501) 847-8268


2020 Festival (Texarkana) Club: Guys 'N Dolls -- Chairpersons: Rhonda Bailey (903) 276-3422 and Linda Carlile (903) 277-8681

2021 Festival (Clinton) Club: Pioneers and Heber Springers (chairperson will be announced as soon as possible)

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