Advertisers In The Modern Square

Advertisers In The Modern Square

Deadlines And Rates
Advertisers In The Modern Square
Fall Festival Advertisers


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Besides a yearly subscription to The Modern Square (which is published monthly), several businesses run by dancers...square dance related and well as other businesses...not necessarily run by dancers...take out an ad to support square and round dancing in Arkansas. Your SUPPORT of these dancers and businesses is greatly appreciated.

Also, for those individuals or businesses, who take out an ad in the Program Book for the ASSDF Fall Festival, you will have your ad noted on this page from just after the current years Fall Festival just before the next years Fall Festival a THANK YOU for supporting the ASSDF.

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Deadlines And Rates

All MATERIAL, must be sent to the Editor...with PAYMENT FOR ADS, sent to the the 5th of the month, preceding the month of issue (for example, April 5th, for the May issue). See the ASSDF_Officers Page for details on the current ASSDF Treasurer. They will notify the Editor that payment has been received. For more information on deadlines, click here.

Note that rates are different for ASSDF Member Clubs, versus Commercial (non-ASSDF) members. ADVANCE PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED. Note that the ASSDF Editor reserves the right to omit, condense, or rewrite all items submitted.

Note that one can now receive an e-Edition for FREE, by sending ones name and email address to the Editor, via an email they know it's a valid email address. You do NOT have to have a paid print subscription beforehand.

As for advertising rates, these are subject to change without notice. The rate applies either for the print edition or the e-Edition, for each insertion.

Full Page Ad Each Insertion: $25 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $35 for non-ASSDF members.
Half Page Ad Each Insertion: $12.50 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $20 for non-ASSDF members.
Back Cover Ad Each Insertion: $35 for ASSDF Member Clubs , $50 for non-ASSDF members.
Two Center Pages Each Insertion: $70 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $85 for non-ASSDF members.
All Other Ads Each Insertion: $7 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $10 for non-ASSDF members.

The ASSDF has added Booster Ads to The Modern Square. The ads will be for non-square dance related announcements, and used to support The Modern Square. Prices are $10 per insertion, whether for ASSDF Clubs, individuals, or otherwise. Booster Ads are NOT listed the length of publication for each one varies. The price for Booster Ads is $10 per insertion.

The ASSDF is also now offering a column called ''Spotlight''...where you can spotlight a square dance caller, round dance cuer, line dance instructor, an individual square or round dancer, a club, etc. You can use this to celebrate a club's anniversary, pay tribute to someone with their work with square dancing, round dancing, etc. The Spotlight will be a full page insertion for a cost of $15, with a LIMIT OF ONE SPOTLIGHT AD PER ISSUE.

In short, PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR PUBLICATION. You can do that if you will take an active role in finding individuals or companies to advertise with us...if your club would advertise specials in The Modern Square (with an ad, and not just a note in the Special Dances Listing)...if your club would SPOTLIGHT the club, the caller, or an individual...or if you would place a Booster Ad in the publication.

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Advertisers In The Modern Square

Here is a list of those businesses that currently have, or have had ads in The Modern Square in the last year, starting with the August, 2019 issue. I have decided to EXPAND the length of time for posting to one (1) year...since The Modern Square...both the print edition and e-Edition are now published monthly. The listing will note when it first published, unless it's for a specific event, which will eventually be in the past (at which point, it'll be removed). If they want it listed beyond a year, they will have to purchase another ad. This is being done to ENCOURAGE ADVERTISING in the publication.

Websites, if applicable, are provided...along with contact information, and brief information from their ads. As noted, if the ad is for a particular dance, it will be REMOVED once that event is in the past. Note that the ads are not necessarily in alphabetical order. My apologies to anyone I may have missed. Please support them, thank them for placing an ad in The Modern Square, and ask them if they would continue to do so.

The pictures from various dances and specials and the dancers attending, can be found in the e-Edition. Note that in some months, few or no pictures were sent to the Editor. A new, smaller format took effect in early 2020...for details, click here.

Advertiser: 70th National Square Dance Convention, Jackson, Mississippi
Comments: For further details, click here.
First Published: June, 2020

Advertiser: Falk Plumbing Supply/KDC - Arkansas Welding & Industrial Supply/Falk Plumbing Supply/The Tool Source, 223 Third Street, Hot Springs, AR 71913, Mobile: (501) 520-7270, Office: (501) 321-1231 Ext. 9920 (Ted Hofmeister)
Comments: Welding, Industrial, and Plumbing Supplies
First Published: October, 2019

Advertiser: Daryl Stout
Comments: Before traveling to a dance, CALL AHEAD FIRST!! Weather, flooding, or other concerns could cause a club to cancel a previously scheduled dance at the last minute. For a list of changes and cancellations, click here.

You can purchase a NOAA Weather Radio at many stores. Be sure to get one with the SAME (Specific Area Message Encoder) Warning Codes, and with a battery backup, in case of a power outage. Known as ''The Voice Of The National Weather Service'', it alerts you to severe weather conditions, 24 hours a day. You can also click here for the U.S. NOAA National Weather Service map, for the latest watches, warnings, and advisories, for either Arkansas or clicking on the desired area of the map, then clicking on the desired hazardous weather icon. For weather information, forecasts, etc. for Arkansas, click here.
First Published: August, 2018
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Fall Festival Advertisers

For those who take out an ad in the Fall Festival Program Book, they will receive a year of free advertising on this page, until October of the following year. Please visit them, and thank them for advertising with, and supporting the ASSDF.

Advertiser: Pistols N Petticoats Square Dance Club. They dance at the St. Paul United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 2201 South Culberhouse Road, Jonesboro, AR. For details, call (870) 932-7740.

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