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The Modern Square
is the ASSDF's publication, containing reports from the various square and round dance clubs and organizations across well as information on upcoming special dances. The ASSDF, and your fellow square and round dancers THANK YOU in advance for your support, and subscription. For more information on The Modern Square, click here.

Former Editor Fred Fisher, started an e-Edition in April, 2015. Unfortunately, an e-Edition is NOT AVAILABLE before that time. The advantage of getting an e-Edition are:

1) It is delivered via email at least 2 weeks prior to the print edition being delivered. If the print editionhas to eventually be discontinued, for lack of subscribers, ads, or revenue, the e-Edition will continue to be available.

2) All the pictures submitted are in color. Extra pictures are NOT AVAILABLE in the print edition.

3) All of the links are clickable.

To obtain the e-Edition the subscriber must send and email, with their name and email address to the Editor... at assdfmodernsquare at gmail dot com -- that is the ONLY USE of that address -- it is NOT given out, or used for any other purpose...because the Editors need that to know that it is A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS...and they need to know WHO it is. They have several email addresses, but have no idea who the individual is. They are the ones that have the e-Edition Subscriber Database (growing by the month). Conversely, the Circulation Chairman has the Print Edition Subscriber Database (decreasing by the month). At some point, it's no longer worth printing.

A NEW SMALLER FORMAT took effect in February, 2020...and the publication returned to MONTHLY. Note that subscription fees to The Modern Square are NON-REFUNDABLE...and at this time, will remain at $20 per year.

The e-Edition is available to ANYONE, FREE OF CHARGE, when they send their name and email address to the Editor -- but those subscribers will NOT receive a PRINTED COPY, unless they purchase a print subscription. Since one can now get the e-Edition as a separate publication, by itself, free of charge, I will post links to the available issues, shortly after I release them, and have updated the website for such. Then, if one loses their copy, they can re-download it here. With all of these, you need an appropriate PDF viewer to view/print the file(s).

Note that the files can be quite large, so if you are on dial-up internet or DSL (both are SLOWER than broadband), it will take some time to download the file(s). This will be the ONLY WAY to obtain a back issue of The Modern Square...see that link for more details.

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E-Editions From 2015

  • April, 2015 e-Edition
  • May, 2015 e-Edition
  • June, 2015 e-Edition
  • July, 2015 e-Edition
  • August, 2015 e-Edition
  • September, 2015 e-Edition
  • October, 2015 e-Edition
  • November, 2015 e-Edition
  • December, 2015 e-Edition

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    E-Editions From 2016

  • January, 2016 e-Edition
  • February, 2016 e-Edition
  • March, 2016 e-Edition
  • April, 2016 e-Edition
  • May, 2016 e-Edition
  • June, 2016 e-Edition
  • July, 2016 e-Edition
  • August, 2016 e-Edition
  • September, 2016 e-Edition
  • October, 2016 e-Edition
  • November, 2016 e-Edition
  • December, 2016 e-Edition

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    E-Editions From 2017

  • February, 2017 e-Edition
  • March, 2017 e-Edition
  • April, 2017 e-Edition
  • May, 2017 e-Edition
  • June, 2017 e-Edition
  • July, 2017 e-Edition
  • August, 2017 e-Edition
  • September, 2017 e-Edition
  • October, 2017 e-Edition
  • November, 2017 e-Edition
  • December, 2017 e-Edition

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    E-Editions From 2018

  • January, 2018 e-Edition
  • February, 2018 e-Edition
  • March, 2018 e-Edition
  • April, 2018 e-Edition
  • May, 2018 e-Edition
  • June, 2018 e-Edition
  • July, 2018 e-Edition
  • August, 2018 e-Edition
  • September, 2018 e-Edition
  • October, 2018 e-Edition
  • November, 2018 e-Edition

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    E-Editions From 2019

  • February, 2019 e-Edition
  • May, 2019 e-Edition
  • August, 2019 e-Edition
  • November, 2019 e-Edition

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    E-Editions From 2020

  • February, 2020 e-Edition
  • March, 2020 e-Edition
  • April, 2020 e-Edition
  • May, 2020 e-Edition
  • June, 2020 e-Edition
  • July, 2020 e-Edition
  • August, 2020 e-Edition
  • September, 2020 e-Edition
  • October, 2020 e-Edition
  • November, 2020 e-Edition
  • December, 2020 e-Edition

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    E-Editions From 2021

    Links will be posted as soon as they are released by the Editor. As of now, that's planned around the 16th of each month.

  • January, 2021 e-Edition

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