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If you've never experienced the wonderful world of square dancing, and its related fields...it's a worldwide hobby, done by dancers as young as 3 years old (such as with the Maycroft Square Tappers of Muskegon, Michigan (they combine square dancing and tap dancing for kids 3 to 18 years of age)), to dancers over 80 years of age. One lady in central Arkansas was still involved in the hobby at 100 years of age, even though she doesn't dance as much as she used to.

All of the calls in square dancing, worldwide, are in ENGLISH. The term square dancing refers to the fractional, geometric formations done...and it has nothing to do with lifestyle. While there are ''gay square dancers'' (you leave all that stuff ''at the door''), when you dance DBD (dance by definition), you're not necessarily a male or a female...but the end, center, point, etc. in a particular formation...whether it's a box, square, ocean wave, column, line, diamond, hourglass, galaxy, triangle, etc.

Alcoholic beverages, before or during a dance, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and that's a hard and fast rule. Square Dancing, Round Dancing, etc. are holsum, family activities...and it's the DUTY of all dancers to see that it REMAINS that way. Many clubs have the authority to order ''a drunken dancer'' to leave the premises.

In class, ''angels'' (''experienced dancers'') help you, while you grasp the concepts...probably wondering if you'd ever understand the Square Dancers Bill Of Rights, or even make it to graduation, and the special dance there.

When the big day came, your class may have been over, but your journey was just beginning. The truth is, you're NEVER through learning...whether a dancer, a caller, a cuer, an instructor, or a leader.

To keep the hobby going, clubs have Lessons at various times of the year...where it's now YOUR TURN to recruit new dancers into this hobby, the fun and fascinating, worldwide, holsum, family activity, known as square and round dancing.

The first one or two lessons are usually FREE, so you can try it, and see if you like it. Classes may be twice a week for 10 weeks, once a week for 20 weeks, or some other schedule, and cost varies per club. This is to pay for the hall rent, and the caller/cuer for his/her teaching...although I can assure you that callers and cuers for square and round dancing, respectively, are NOT getting rich from the hobby.

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Information Needed

This page was designed for Arkansas Square and Round Dance Clubs to list their classes for square and round dancing, as well as workshops before their regular dance. If your club has lessons scheduled, please contact me from the information on the this page. The information needed is:

1) The name of the host club(s).

2) The type of lessons (Square, Round, Line, etc.).

3) If square dancing, the level taught (Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, or Challenge).

4) If round dancing, the Round Dance Phase (1 through 6).

5) The day and time the class will meet...with the first night of class, last night to join, etc.

6) The location (address, city, and state) of the lessons.

7) The name of the caller/cuer/instructor.

8) How long the class will last (10 weeks, 20 weeks, etc.).

9) The cost for the lessons (to cover the hall rental fee, and to pay the caller/cuer for their time).

10) A Contact Person (name, address, and phone) for more information.

Note that space in the class may or may not be limited...but you're encouraged to sign up with the contact person as soon as possible, if you know that you'd like to take lessons.

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Dance Partners

Unfortunately, there has usually been many more women than men wanting to learn to square or round dance...and some women will learn to dance the men's part (which, in my opinion, is easier...I've danced both), just so they can dance.

In getting a partner for lessons, husbands and wives will usually dance together (some clubs REQUIRE that both spouses take lessons at the same time), and singles usually will match up with a total stranger, who also wants to square or round dance. For some classes, it's best if you have someone else (a partner) with you, to take the class together.

Note that this ''partnership'' is for lessons ONLY...although I've known couples who met in class, or at a dance in years past, when they were single...and they ended up getting married. However, there is NO GUARANTEE that you'll meet ''your future spouse'' at a dance, or at lessons...so, don't get the idea that just because you meet someone at a dance or at class, that you're going to end up becoming their spouse. I've danced with both married women, and single women...as long as they can dance, I don't care what their marital status is, or what their private life off of the dance floor, consists of.

As a square dance fun badge I saw once said...I'm Here For Dancin'...NOT Romancin'> I lost my wife over 13 years ago, 3 weeks shy of my 4th wedding anniversary, and I never remarried. At this stage of life, everyone has ''too much personal baggage''.

Lastly, if it all possible, please bring a partner with you to class...as a dancer partner can NOT be guaranteed.

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List Of Upcoming Lessons/Workshops

The following clubs have lessons scheduled, planned, or ongoing. Please check with the Contact Person(s) listed for any changes or updates. If you are an ''experienced dancer'', having already graduated from class, and would like to help as an Angel Dancer, I'm sure the club would welcome the help. Please contact the contact person listed for any last minute changes, corrections, or other information.

If lessons have already been in progress for awhile (when no new dancers will be accepted), you can inquire when the next set of new classes will start.

Again, note that there is usually a fee for the classes...either per lesson, or for the entire class, and it varies by club. The fee is to pay the caller/cuer (although they're NOT getting rich), and to pay the rent for the dance hall. The workshops are usually held on the clubs regular dance nights, just prior to when the regular dancing begins. These workshops are to review moves dancers are having trouble with, or to work various ''dance figures''. Sometimes, there may be workshops during the actual dance, if dancers are having trouble with a certain call or figure.

While Square Dance Attire is NOT REQUIRED during lessons, it may be REQUIRED during actual club dances or workshops. Please check with the club contact for details.

Club: Blue Belles And Beaus - Plus Level Square Dance Workshop
When: 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays at 6pm -- Dance Starts at 7pm
Where: Judsonia Community Center, 601 Judson Street, Judsonia, AR
Caller/Instructor: Lieutenant Colonel Philip Moorehouse
Contact: Robert and Cheryl Shaver, (501) 724-3930
Comments: The dance site is right across the street from the First Baptist Church, next to the library. A Veterans Memorial is in front of the site.

Club: Maverick Mixers - Plus Level Square Dance Workshop
When: 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturdays at 7pm -- Dance Starts at 7:30pm
Where: Mabelvale Legion Hut, Mann Road And Leah Lane, Mabelvale, AR
Caller/Instructor: Lieutenant Colonel Philip Moorehouse
Contact: Nancy Cates-Finney, (501) 551-6144

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