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To get to the previous page, press the BACK BUTTON on your web browser. To return to the original design ASSDF Homepage, click on the ASSDF logo at the top of the page. This page was last updated on Oct. 1, 2020.

The Modern Square
is the ASSDF's publication, containing reports from the ASSDF Member square and round dance clubs and organizations across well as information on upcoming special dances. The ASSDF, and your fellow square and round dancers THANK YOU in advance for your support, and subscription. Print Subscriptions to The Modern Square are $20 per year.

As of Oct. 1, 2020, we had ONLY 57 PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS. When I started square dancing in 1985, there were over 1200 print subscribers. When I took the job as Circulation Chairman and Webmaster in 2008, that number had PLUNGED to 450...but 10 percent of those were still in the database, as EXPIRED. At the start of the 2019 ASSDF Fall Festival, we were down to only 24 print subscriptions, and the ASSDF was losing money each issue.

A comparison of the print edition and the e-Edition, using the November, 2019 issue as a guide, are at print edition link, and at the e-Edition link.

Sadly, unless more subscribers sign up for the print edition, and more people take out ads, if funding runs low, then the print edition will end up being discontinued. In short, we can't print and mail it for free.

The fact of the matter is that ''If you don't board the train at the technology depot, you're going to be left behind in the dust!!''. Many newspapers, magazines, and other publications, have gone to ONLINE ONLY; and in some cases, charging subscribers a hefty fee to have an electronic device to read the publication...but many people are discontinuing their subscriptions, because the cost is too high.

You get can an e-Edition by itself, FREE OF CHARGE, by providing ones name and email address to the Editor at assdfmodernsquare at gmail dot com. The email is NOT given out, or used for any other purpose...but is required to prove that it is a valid Email address.

To SUBSCRIBE, or to RENEW YOUR PRINT SUBSCRIPTION, print, and fill out this Subscription Form (you will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view/print the file), and mail it, along with your check or money order (DO NOT SEND CASH), payable to the ASSDF, for $20 per year (and BE SURE THE CHECK IS SIGNED), to the ASSDF Treasurer...see the ASSDF Officers Page for details on the mailing address.

Subscription Address Data is then forwarded to the Circulation Chairman via email or phone contact, and the Subscriber Database is updated accordingly. When a new Treasurer is elected/takes office, the information will be updated here, and in The Modern Square as soon as possible.

If you make the payment out to any entity besides the ASSDF...if you fail to sign the check (the bank will NOT take it)...or if you mail it to any officer instead of the Treasurer, your payment is likely to be RETURNED, and your new/renewal subscription request will NOT be processed. If the subscription expires because of this, your data will be REMOVED from the database, and the only way to get a back copy of a missed issue will be to go here, and click on the desired link to download it. You will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view/print the file).

However, if you have a MAILING ADDRESS CHANGE (your subscription is NOT up for renewal at that time), mail the form to Daryl Stout, P.O. Box 55655, Little Rock, AR 72215. If your email address changes, please notify the Editor as soon as possible, to avoid losing the copy of the e-Edition being in your Inbox each month. As of January, 1, 2020, yours truly, Daryl Stout is the, I'll handle both subscriber databases, and both websites.

Please note that the ASSDF is NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost, stolen, or misdirected mail. You will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view and/or print the Subscription Form, noted above. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY the information on the Subscription Form, as some recent subscription forms have been TOO ILLEGIBLE TO READ. If the letters ''get wet'' in the course of delivery, and the form gets ''smudged'', we don't know where to send the subscription...let alone contact the dancer to verify the information.

If your print edition of The Modern Square is RETURNED as UNDELIVERABLE...or your e-Edition is BOUNCED, due to an INVALID EMAIL, your subscription(s) will be SUSPENDED, until you contact the Circulation Chairman and the Editor with the updated information. It costs over 60 cents to take care of this at the Post Office, every time it occurs, and this rate is likely to increase in the coming years. Then, to purchase an additional envelope to mail a replacement copy via First Class Mail (if one is available, and that is NOT guaranteed), that adds an additional $1.40 -- so, it basically comes to a $2 cost to the ASSDF for every copy returned as UNDELIVERABLE. If a replacement print copy is not available, your only choice is to go here, to download an e-Edition for the desired month. Note that the e-Edition is not available prior to April, 2015...and with some months, no issue was published.

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To make dancers aware of when their print subscription will EXPIRE, a reminder is mailed out approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the print subscription expires. Unfortunately, for every 10 ''reminders'' sent out, on average, only 2 subscriptions are renewed. Since there has been confusion over where to send payment, and how to make out payment, I have created this form. Please follow the instructions on this form, as I (Editor, Circulation Chairman, and Webmaster), am NOT the Treasurer...and as such, I have NO BUSINESS handling money meant for the ASSDF!!

If a renewal has not been received by the ASSDF Treasurer (who forwards this data to the ASSDF Circulation Chairman), by the 14th of the month, preceding the month of issue (October 14 for the November issue), that subscription data is REMOVED from the Subscriber Database -- NO EXCEPTIONS. The mailing of the Reminder Forms is done AT NO CHARGE to the ASSDF, whether for postage, envelopes, cards, ink cartridges for printing, etc. Note that there will be ONLY ONE FORM SENT to a subscriber. If the subscriber fails to renew, it will be assumed that they (unfortunately) do not wish to renew their print subscription.

While the ASSDF Websites can be updated within 24 to 48 hours of notification, updating of the print edition and e-Edition will have to WAIT until the next issue of publication. Subscribers of the e-Edition will get brief email updates, if warranted. However, it is up to each of the individual callers and cuers, plus each of the officers or contacts for the clubs to CHECK THEIR DATA in the print edition, the e-Edition, the original website, and the new website, and to contact the Editor if there are errors.

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO RENEW YOUR PRINT SUBSCRIPTION!!...and that includes at a Subscription Dance that is scheduled very close to the 10th of the month, preceding the month of issue. Otherwise, you risk MISSING one or more issues, and you likely will NOT be able to obtain printed copies of the missed issues, even if you had material published in them!! The ONLY WAY to get a missed copy, will be to go here, and click on the desired link(s). You will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view/print the file(s).

If you have a question as to WHEN your subscription expires, or if there is a discrepancy on your print subscription expiration, please contact the Circulation Chairman IMMEDIATELY, via information on the ASSDF Officers Page. You can contact the Circulation Chairman via email, voice mail, Postal Mail, or Facebook. When working with computers, mistakes are guaranteed to occur.

Also, if you do not have a computer or internet access...and calling Little Rock is long distance for you, then you will need to write your name, address, phone number where you can reached, and the best time to contact you, on a piece of paper...then put it into an envelope with First Class Postage, and mail it to the Circulation Chairman at his Post Office Box address. Whichever method is used, you will be contacted as soon as possible (I have unlimited long distance to the contiguous 48 states). If you do NOT contact the Circulation Chairman, then it will appear that nothing is wrong with your subscription!!

Note that if data from a Subscription Dance is DELAYED in getting to the Circulation Chairman, because of Postal Service delays, etc. it could take some time to restart your print subscription...and again, your only way to get back copies of missed issues will be to go here, and click on the desired link(s). Again, you will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view/print the file(s).

Please do NOT have someone else contact the Circulation Chairman, concerning YOUR PRINT the information then is ''second hand''. If the information they have is WRONG, it could take longer to fix the problem with your subscription.

The only exception to ''second hand data'' is for the next of kin of a dancer who has died, to contact the Circulation Chairman, to end the subscription, because of said dancers death. In rememberance of those subscribers who are gone, but not forgotten, a special recognition page is located here. The next of kin can download back issues of the e-Edition, if available, here. You will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view/print the file(s). Note that if you are on dial-up or DSL internet instead of broadband, it will take some time to download the file(s). Unfortunately, back copies of the e-Edition are not available for certain months, or prior to April, 2015.

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Advertise In The Modern Square

Besides a paid subscription (noted above), you can also support The Modern Square with placements of advertising in the publication. Note that rates are different for ASSDF Member Clubs, versus Commercial (non-ASSDF) members. ADVANCE PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED, and should be sent to the ASSDF Treasurer (who will notify the Editor that payment has been received), noted here. Please make the checks payable to ASSDF, that the check is sent to the Treasurer, and most importantly, the check is signed...or the bank will NOT accept it!! Note that these rates are subject to change without notice, even if the print edition is eventually discontinued. The ASSDF Editor reserves the right to omit, condense/edit, or rewrite all items submitted. Views in the club and officers reports are of the individuals and/or clubs who wrote such.

A list of those businesses and individuals that advertise in The Modern Square, along with advertising rates is located here. Also, the ASSDF has added Booster Ads to The Modern Square. The ads, at $10 per insertion, are for non-square dance related announcements, and used to support The Modern Square.

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Content Deadlines/Delivery

For information to get into The Modern Square, it MUST be on The Editor's Desk by the 14th of the month, preceding the month of issue (August 14 for the September issue). At times, because of schedule conflicts, the Editor may require an EARLIER date deadline for item submissions...please check The Modern Square for these announcements. If the club report, ad, etc. does not make it to the Editor prior to this deadline, it will NOT appear in the upcoming issue. Late items, such as club reports, will be published here, and here. Conversely, if subscription updates do not make it to the Circulation Manager by the deadlines noted above, the subscription will be DELAYED until the next issue.

Four important statements that have been in The Modern Square, for times, have been seemingly ignored by certain callers, cuers, dancers, officers, and reporters:

1) Club reports MUST be on the Editors desk by a certain day of the month, preceding the month of issue. Again, if the deadline is missed, the club report will NOT run in the publication, but will be viewable here, and here.

2) Club reports are LIMITED to 250 words in the print edition, but I will try to only do minimal editing, for space issues, or for grammatical issues.

3) The Editor RESERVES THE RIGHT to edit/condense, omit, or rewrite all items submitted.

4) Letters To The Editor MUST BE SIGNED. However, names will be kept from publication, upon request.

Note that the content of the club report, or officers article, is the opinion/view of the author itself.

Years ago, a couple who were the Editors (I thought they were doing a yeoman's job) were receiving nasty messages, phone calls, emails, and even being ''told off'' at the dance, because ''they dared to edit the report (whether it was over the 250 words or not), or it missed the publication deadline. In the radio and TV industry, as well as for newspapers and magazines, you only have a certain amount of space and time to work with, for your article or story, so IT WILL BE EDITED. And, if it's not ready by the deadline, the item does NOT run or get published...that's why they call it a deadline!!

If your address in the database is CORRECT, and your SUBSCRIPTION IS NOT EXPIRED...but you still are not getting your copy of The Modern Square by the 1st or 2nd day of the month of issue (not including Sundays or holidays), then you MUST contact the Post Office in your Zip Code area, and you must complain vociferously. We do NOT put a tracer on the mail, as Certified/Return Receipt costs nearly $8 per every piece of mail. Plus, around the holiday periods, mail may be delayed.

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Subscription Dances

Subscription Dances are where dancers can sign up for, or renew their print subscription to The Modern Square. The following is a list of these scheduled dances, and it was last updated as of the date at the top of this page. While I personally am unable to make most of these dances due to health and scheduling issues of my own, and severe weather operations via Skywarn to the National Weather Service in Little Rock, etc.), at least one of the ASSDF Officers should be there. Please check with the Club Contact listed below, prior to traveling to the be sure the dance hasn't been changed or cancelled at the last minute, for weather or another reason. Travel conditions across Arkansas can be found here. Subscription Dances can always be rescheduled, if need be. All times listed are U.S. Central Time.

Please try to schedule your dances at least three (3) months sufficient time can be had to get it into The Modern Square, and onto the Special Dances page. I will also place a Subscription Dance on the Google Calendar of the new ASSDF website. You may schedule a Subscription Dance as far ahead as one year in advance.

If the Subscription Dance information below is incorrect, please contact me via this page, with the details. Again, this is taken DIRECTLY from The Modern Square; however, I sometimes unintentionally make typographical errors in transposing the information...or I may be delayed in getting it posted, if I have computer, internet, or weather issues.

While some clubs can't work around such deadlines, dancers who wait until the last minute to renew need to bear this in mind.

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Date: Saturday, May 1, 2021
Club: ASSDF Spring Delegates Meeting, And Subscription Dance
Location: DoubleTree By Hilton, 4813 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR
Callers: Gene Gancarczyk, Joey Duhamel, and Charlie Robertson
Comments: For a printable flier in PDF format, click here. You will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view/print the file. Due to COVID-19 issues, the dance was POSTPONED to May 1, 2021.

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Current Issue Status

The deadline for items to be on The Editor's Desk is now the 14th of the month, before the month of issue. I released the October, 2020 e-Edition on Sept, 14, 2020...and it was received in my mailbox on Sep. 21, 2020. It should be in other print subscribers mailboxes shortly.

Whenever the deadline of the 14th of the month, prior to the month of issue falls on a Friday, that delays the release of the next issue until the 16th or 17th of the month, preceding the month of issue. Work on the November, 2020 issue has started...the deadline for items for it will be Oct. 14, 2020. Those who receive the e-Edition will need to notify members of their club, who don't have a computer or internet access, of last minute changes or cancellations, which are sent out via email blasts.

Note that, some e-Editions have bounced back as undeliverable. Those emails have been REMOVED from the database...and they will NOT go back into it, until the Editor is contacted, with the updated information. In the interim, you can download the e-Edition back issues here.

As for the print edition, the same thing applies. If your copy is returned as undeliverable, the subscription is SUSPENDED until you contact the Circulation Chairman with the updated mailing address information.

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